Innovation leads one to see the new in the old and distinguishes the ingenious from the ingenuous.

Paul Rand

Hi I’m Rohil. My passion lies in User Experience Design and Research. I am an avid soccer fan and I love my club Liverpool. Other passions of mine include music and I can play the odd tune now and again.

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What makes me different?

1. Committed to excellence. I believe that being passionate and having the hunger to excel is crucial to survive in the industry. That is why I take pride in each project I have worked on and am constantly looking for new avenues to approach.

2. Team member. The cornerstone to any good design solution is having a strong team behind that has worked behind it. I feel that my desire and will to succeed helps when working in a team. I find it crucial to find the right balance when it comes to being a team player and also driving the team to consensus.

3. Fail fast. I feel that the best way to design a solution to a problem is not being afraid to fail fast. Being able to learn from those failures quickly in the creative design process to better your end design is a tough quality to possess.

4. Detail oriented. I believe I possess a keen eye when it comes to the smallest of details. Having the patience to analyze every detail to help deliver better is something I have done on every project I have worked on so far.