AVG Business Protection



Rohil Pathak, Aurelia Bunescu

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Axure, Adobe Creative Cloud

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Jr. User Experience Designer




Research and design a product for small to medium business owners to help them self manage their network of devices, servers and data.



Small business owners do not take the proper steps to ensure their company’s protection with most not realizing they need it. They also do not possess the technical prowess to troubleshoot problems relating to their network. The challenge was to design a simple yet robust product that served our users’ needs without inundating them with details. Most small business owners found it hard to keep track of how many servers and devices needed protection and few did not know how many they had in their network.



  • Design a product that “just works” without getting too technical
  • Show the business owner how many devices they had in their network and how many were protected
  • If there was an issue with their security, only alert user when manual input is required
  • Give an overall sense of security without the need to download or install too many additional components



We went through several design iterations to find a design that worked best for our users. We conducted User Studies and Interviews to better understand our target demographic and design around that. We leveraged material design and used it as a resource while designing our product.


The first few iterations we wanted to get a sense of what the portal would look like and what would be a part of the main dashboard screen.


One of the key findings we had from user studies was that our users wanted a quick way to tell if they were secure or not. We decided to add a graphic to show that and later became a focal point of our design


We decided to move the status icon to the middle of the screen to further address the needs of our users





As you can see the widgets we ended up with were ‘Notifications’, ‘Devices’, ‘Licenses’ and ‘Support’. These were the 4 main categories our users were concerned about.