Advaita Corporation – 2014 Summer Internship



Rohil Pathak, Yang Liu

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User Experience Intern




Redesign the company website from the ground up and redesign the company web application. The ultimate goal of the internship was the bring a unified look to all company products such as their website, web app, brochures, one pagers etc.



Company website had been outdated and the company was looking for a refreshed look that matched those of modern websites. They wanted a more flat approach that showed what they did front and center. The company lacked any real information architecture and wanted us to add information relevant to the company. We were tasked to architect the information they gave us. They also wanted us to redesign their web application. The company is into developing bioinformatics data analysis tools with capabilities to integrate multi-‘omic’ data from a systems biology perspective. Their data analysis tool iPathway-Guide is a web application that the company prides itself on and they wanted us to redesign it to fit current design standards as well as bring a unified look to it along with their website.



Our solution was to come up with a design that not only matched those of current design standards but also took into account the profile of the company. We wanted to maintain some of the old feel of the website and application while also bringing a vibrant and fresh look to it.



The internship was three months long and we as a team decided to start work on the website first. Since the website was the first thing potential customers and investors saw, we thought it would be best to finish the redesign of that. We looked at the old website and conducted UX research to get a better understanding of what the Advaita website was lacking in terms of look and content. They were unsure of what content to add and thus it became evident that we needed to conduct some competitive analysis in order to see what the competitive space was. We also had to architect the information that was currently on the website. Some of the text seemed out of place and also not in the right area of the website.






To view the entire website please click here.


As you can see from the images above, that we decided to use the colors of the original iPathwayGuide logo. We thought that by doing so we would maintain the original identity of the company thus making it recognizable. One of the biggest constraints we faced was that we had to keep the website on the original platform which was Weebly. We were not only responsible for redesigning the website, but any changes we made were developed by as well. We used html and css to code any design changes we made.



The next stage of our internship was to redesign (and redevelop any design related changes) the web application. Unfortunately since the web application is paid now, we had to sign a nondisclosure agreement due to which screenshots of the redesigned application are unavailable. The biggest challenge for us was rapid prototyping. Since the application was in beta stage at the time, there were many development cycles and many changes were made to the application. We as designers had to keep pace with the development of the application. The steps we took to redesign the application were as follows:


  1. Clean original code and make a unified stylesheet.
  2. Sketch possible redesigned solutions
  3. Prototype possible solutions
  4. Build out wireframes of new application
  5. Develop the design that was chosen.


We also worked on other materials such as brochures and iconography. Using graphic design we also made animations of the Advaita and iPathwayGuide logo to be included in tutorial videos that they decided to add in later. Some of the graphic design work is shown below:




Brochure Design